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The Greatest 'First Day Of School' OPM Anthems Of All-Time

‘Let's do the funk, let's do the first day funk’
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jun 14, 2016
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Remember when you were too excited to see your barkada, to spot those #NewCrush-worthy transferees, and of course, to learn new things? With your freshly pressed uniform (thanks, mom), waxed emo bangs, and baby powder hidden on your hanky, there you were, eagerly making your way back to your beloved alma mater a skintone darker from all the bilad-sa-araw stuff you did that summer.


Who doesn’t miss the carefree, #yolo student life we all lived before all the adulting happened? We try to bring back all those great memories by creating a playlist of our favorite back-to-school-inspired songs. Get ready for some solid #feels.

"First Day Funk" (2005)
Parokya ni Edgar

You definitely sang this when: You transferred schools and you had no other friends aside from Manong Guard.
Why you loved it: Super groovy music video plus LSS-inducing lyrics. And of course, Parokya Ni Edgar.

"First Day High" (2006)

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You definitely sang this when: You met with your barkada before the flag-raising ceremony. Do you remember what “high” were you then?
Why you loved it: There’s nothing like Jay and the gang cheering you on that much-awaited first day. And you were aiming to do the MVP high, admit it.

"Titser's Enemy No.1" (1981)
Juan Dela Cruz Band

You definitely sang this when: You had a fight with your seatmate (who’s now your best friend) and was then called to the Principal’s Office. Ah, the start of your badass years.
Why you loved it: What can we say? This song taught us how to rock and roll.

"Estudyante Blues" (1988)
Freddie Aguilar

You definitely sang this when: You were having one of those me-against-the-world moments.
Why you loved it: Ka Freddie explains so well what we were feeling towards…well, everything. Filed under: #TeenageAngst #Relate

"Blue Jeans" (2006)
Rocksteddy (original recorded by the APO Hiking Society)

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You definitely sang this when: You were on the verge of dropping out because, yeah, school’s hard.
Why you loved it: This song taught us that education is indeed important. The perfect “play hard, work hard” anthem.


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