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Folie A Deux by Fall Out Boy

<p>Yes. We care</p>
| Jan 15, 2009
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To put it bluntly, the first three songs are too glossed out you might as well, slide over and begone! There’s no denying their age, their fun, and their lack of restraint. And there’s no denying your (or any older listener’s) disinterest. And then “America’s Suitehearts” comes along and suddenly, it’s not so bad anymore. It’s the FOB you are familiar with—cheeky, catchy, muscled guitars balanced with simply melodies. The following songs are so-so okay, not as bad as the hard sell of the first three songs, but not too memorable either. “What a Catch, Donnie,” in its anthemic sing-along glory, down plays the tempo, allowing for a nice, good break. Folie should be able to attract new kids but older fans, they’ll probably take this record with a good pinch of salt. There’s only take that much gimmick you can take, really.

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