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Francis Magalona's Greatest Hits Impart Valuable Life Lessons

His bars truly defined a generation
by John Paulo Aguilera | Oct 4, 2017
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The Master Rapper would have turned 53 today.

Sure, Francis Magalona left us too soon, but not before he created a legacy that lives on in the music industry and in the hearts of his fans. The Presidential Medal of Merit awardee's body of work is unparalleled.

As a birthday tribute, FHM extracts the lessons from his era-defining discography.

Being proud to be Pinoy isn't something to be embarrassed of

FrancisM words to live by: "Mga kababayan ko
Dapat lang malaman niyo
Bilib ako sa kulay ko
Ako ay Pilipino"

Your rights should be the same as your priorities

FrancisM words to live by: "Katarungan (Ito ang gusto ko)!
Kalayaan (Ito ang gusto ko)!
Kapayapaan (Ito ang gusto ko)!
Karapatang-pantao (Ito ang gusto ko)!"

Everyone deserves to be seen and heard, no matter how pointless

FrancisM words to live by: "Meron akong (Ano?), meron akong kwento!
Meron akong (Ano?), meron akong kwento!
Meron akong (Ano?), meron akong kwento!
(Ah wala wala wala wala) pakinggan ninyo!"

Nobody wants to be alone

FrancisM words to live by: "It's been cold summer nights since we drifted apart
Cold summer nights since you walked out that door
Cold summer nights here on my own
Coz I miss you baby, I need you here"

The best relationship advice summed up in five words

FrancisM words to live by: "We gotta whole lotta lovin' (A whole lotta lovin')
We gotta whole lotta lovin' (A whole lotta lovin')
We gotta whole lotta lovin'
A whole lotta lovin' goin' on"

Despite the discernible diversity, we are all one

FrancisM words to live by: "Every color and every hue, is represented by me and you
Take a slide in the slope, take a look in the kaleidoscope
Spinnin' round, make it twirl
In this kaleidoscope world"

When wooing women, eyes on the prize and patience is virtue

FrancisM words to live by: "It's gotta be mine
That girl is so fine
Girl be mine, girl be mine
All it takes is a matter of time"


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