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<p>A collective most deserving to be called a "super band"</p>
| Mar 18, 2010
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Quite frankly, it’s hard to get all excited with yet another so-called “super band.” Too many of them, employing veteran rock stars,  have sprouted these past several years only to give us a few so-so hits and a lot of disappointments. [firstpara]
That said, Franco is a collective that truly lives to the “super band” label that most everyone has freely given the group. Made up of members plucked from popular bands like Queso (8 Toleran, guitars), Parokya ni Edgar (Buhawi Meneses, bass), Urbandub (Gabby Alipe on guitars and Janjan Mendoza on drums), and the Cebu-based Frank (Franco, vocals), Franco is a powerhouse of a rock band set to make you listen, and based on their self-titled debut record, out to make you rock hard.

Their music is an interesting and more importantly, a seamless mix of influences. There is that heavy vibe made familiar by bands like Urbandub, for instance, and shots of reggae made familiar by Bob.

If less experienced musicians tried to do this shit, they would’ve failed miserably. But Franco, made up for reputable and venerable musicians, succeeds and most beautifully, too. Transitions are graceful, bagsakans are mean, melodies seem natural. Nothing forced, nothing too trying hard.

Season” opens the record and immediately grabs you by the neck. Here, the song seems to say, is a band worthy of your time and your attention.

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It’s heavy, it’s thick, and it’s pretty catchy, too. Pop hooks appear in the most unexpected of places, such as in predictable melody lines and syncopated beats.


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