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This Mega Mash-Up Of 2014's Biggest Hits Will Get You #UpToDate On Pop Music Right Away!

So many songs, so little time.
by Gelo Gonzales | Dec 4, 2014
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What's that? You're still listening to PSY's "Gangnam Style?" Like Jun Sabayton always says: "Toool, wag ganyan." It's 2014 (actually it's almost 2015) so before you reveal more about your biological age by clinging on to Rico J. Puno's hits, how about we give you a crash course on the pop hits you might have missed this year?

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From lolita hottie Ariana Grande to romp-shaker Nicki Minaj, there has been an incredibly catchy crop of grade-A earworms this year for the mainstreamer in you. Sometimes, it's been hard to catch up. So what's the most fun and easiest solution? How about you listen to YouTube medley-maker DJ Earworm and his mega mash-up called "United State Of Pop" featuring the biggest pop hits of the year!

Released just today, the mix gives you a full month to catch up before 2014 passes on the torch! Click play on the video below!

Video via Dj Earworm

Do you know all the songs?

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