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5 Underrated Bands That Merit Our Full Attention

FHM went gig-hopping and discovered these under-the-radar musical acts
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jul 20, 2017
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It's nice to know that the dreaded phrase "OPM is dead" is finally, well, dead.

For every that live music venue that closes, another opens. For every actor who makes a commercial release, an independent artist shares fresh music online. For every group that disbands, 10 new ones assemble.

The last sentence is the most crucial, for it gives owners more reasons to put up gig spots. That said, FHM is turning the spotlight on these up-and-coming 5 indie bands, just few of the countless OPM purveyors that are keeping the live music scene alive. Catch them rocking out at your local bars!


Not-so hidden gems: "Sayang," "Sexy Dance On Ice," "17"

Listening to the animated quartet is as satisfying as its namesake delicacy. Mike making love to the mic and his axe, Gino doing precision slap bass, Emir hitting every percussion requirement, and EJ providing all the necessary acoustics is the perfect recipe for local funk, blues, and rock supremacy.

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Not-so hidden gems: "Kathang Isip," "Bitaw," "Sampung Taon"

The striking four-piece band has the makings of the next big thing in Philippine alternative rock. Complementing Dalton's soothing vocals and identifiable verses is the steady collective instrumental work by Edlord (lead), Kutoy (bass), and Lance (drums).

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The Squibs

Not-so hidden gems: "Ampersand," "Anti-Joop," "Post-Rock"

A word of caution before watching this Foo Fighters-influenced group live: its sweet rock melodies involve Daryll screaming his lungs out, Jemuel making faces while shredding, Robert not having the usual bass chill, and Mark not giving a f*ck on drums.

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Komiko Pilipinas

Not-so hidden gems: "Babalik," "Sana," "Pilit"

At first glance, one could dismiss Komiko Pilipinas as a Silent Sanctuary wannabe, especially with the violin player. Hearing Miko (vocals), Tuper (bass), Onin (string), and Bryan (drums) blend into pop-alternative harmony is an entirely different experience in itself.

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The Soledads

Not-so hidden gems: "Stay Away," "Mailap," "AWOL"

The band traces its roots to listening to Radiohead and The Lemonheads, the reason for the gloomy chord progression of their songs. TJ's Ely-esque pipes, Toks's minimalist basslines, and Tas's solid beats produce an uncanny brand of radio-friendly melancholy.

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