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Goodbye, 'Gangnam': Viral Hit Dethroned As Top YouTube Video

See you again, Psy
by Andrei Medina | Jul 13, 2017
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Remember South Korean superstar Psy and his quirky “Gangnam Style” music video that literally went viral overnight and broke YouTube a few years ago? Well, it's not on top any more.

We knew this was going to happen eventually, but it still came as a surprise when the popular hit from 2012 was officially dethroned as the most viewed YouTube video after more than four years of holding on to the record.

“Gangnam Style” currently has 2.89 billion views and held various records including being one of the most viewed videos within 24 hours after being uploaded. It’s also the first video to break a billion views which propelled Psy, who was only previously known in South Korea, to international stardom.

But the video, which spawned a silly global dance craze, was recently surpassed by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth with their “See You Again” music video, which was uploaded in April 2015.

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The new top YouTube video is part of the official soundtrack for the Furious 7 film and also serves as a tribute to Paul Walker, one of the franchise’s main actors who died in a tragic car accident before the movie was released. “See You Again” currently has 2.9 billion views.

YouTube stars like Psy, Wiz Khalifa, and Charlie Puth aren’t the only online personas enjoying over a billion views on the popular video sharing platform. They are joined by others celebrities who are also mostly musicians. Here are some of the other most viewed YouTube videos:


With his legion of fangirls and just as many male haters, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Justin Bieber’s music video for his “Sorry” single is already the third most viewed YouTube video with over 2.6 billion hits.


'Uptown Funk'

When you put together two multi-talented powerhouse artists like Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, you are bound to get something like the musical masterpiece that is “Uptown Funk.” Their combined rhythmic genius has garnered the video 2.55 billion views as of posting time.

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Also standing tall at YouTube’s top five is Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi, whose “Despacito” music video already has 2.5 billion views. While being in the fifth spot might not sound too impressive for some, Fonsi’s video was only uploaded in January 2017, which means that it became part of the top in just six months. At this rate, Fonsi might end up surpassing Psy and even Khalifa and Puth’s “See you Again” in the near future.


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