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Gran Torino

<p>Dirty Harry can still get his chops</p>
| Feb 5, 2009
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Who? Clint Eastwood (snarly)
What’s it about? Eastwood plays Walt Kowalski, a racist Dirty Harry who goes loony over the sight of Asians, calling them gooks and spooks. Before any of you overact on the racial slurs, you’d be glad to know that Kowalski will eventually have an epiphany after befriending an Asian teener from his neighborhood. The tear-jerking cheesy bits will soon follow.
Useful/useless bit: They didn’t call Eastwood Dirty Harry for nothing. Aside from his old movie, Eastwood is father to five daughters and two sons by five different chicks, including a hot model. - Rhea M. Catada

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