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WATCH: This Cute Korean Girl Will Teach You How To Do The "Heart Dance"

We've found the new "Gwiyomi"! Say hello to the "Heart Dance"!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Jan 7, 2015
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Do you still remember "Gwiyomi," that dance craze that ruled the Internet for a time last year? That cutesy K-Pop song spawned amazing videos, like this one by FHM Cover Girl and Pinoy Cosplay Queen Alodia Gosiengfiao:

Video via sethdangel

Well, one of FHM's K-Pop insiders tells us that a new cute Korean dance craze is set to take over the world soon. It's called the Heart Dance, and is based on the song "Flashlight" by R3HAB.

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She's cute, este, the dance is definitely cute, yes?

So, before this new dance goes viral, we're giving you first dibs at an exclusive GIF-by-GIF tutorial that you can show your girl or any cute female you wanna impress. Tell them to make their own versions now! (Reminder: Please don't make one, especially if you look like Bayaw Ng Bayan Jun Sabayton. Wait, on second thought, make one and send it to us. That'd be funny).

Ready? Let's do the Heart Dance!

Step One:
Make sure your camera is recording.

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Step Two:
Point your index fingers at the camera, like gesturing "Ikaw talaga..." but with two hands. Snap your fingers right after. And most important of all, bring out your cutest smile!

Step Three:
Make a heart sign in mid-air. Start just below the chin area then break it and bring it back on your forehead, as if you're playing Pinoy Henyo.

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Step Four:
Put your palms on your chest then bring them on both sides of your face and say a really giddy "Hi!" Yes, very much the "Bulaga!" part when you do "Eat Bulaga!"

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Step Five:
Ready those finger guns, wink, and shoot them dead with your cuteness! Bang-bang!

Step Six:
Repeat! Pink hearts will automatically appear every time you do it correctly!

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