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Rich Chigga And Co. Just Threw The Year-End Party To End All Year-End Parties

88rising X House Manila setting the bar high for 2017 finales
by Chise Alcantara | Dec 15, 2017
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We’ve always believed that Asian rappers deserve more credit than they get. We’re not really sure if it’s because of the things associated with their local culture—like being submissive, obedient, or conforming—that prevent people from putting Asian hip-hop on the same level as its Western counterparts.

Fortunately, artists like Rich Chigga, Keith Ape, Higher Brothers, Joji, and many more are slowly gaining an international following by producing quality viral music videos that can be appreciated by hip-hop fans universally.

The support they’ve gotten has been really apparent during 88rising’s Asian tour, where they’ve consistently sold out shows. On Wednesday, we were lucky enough to get invited to its Manila leg held at House Manila and Filipino hip-hop fans weren’t going to let the other countries one up them.

Here’s a quick history of the three artists who performed last night and how each one of them killed it so you won’t let yourself miss out on seeing them live next time.

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If you’ve ever wandered off to the weird part of YouTube, you might know this guy as Filthy Frank (or Pink Guy), “the embodiment of what every person should not be,” or the one who started the Harlem Shake trend. After years of YouTube fame, he tried to transition into a new profession, which was creating music.

George Miller, now better known as Joji, is a Japanese-Australian rapper who dabbles in rap music that you can slow dance to. What makes his stuff interesting is how honest the songs sound because of the accompanying lyrics and the chilling melodies. Each song just pierces through your heart, letting out all the vulnerabilities you’ve kept in check.

How he is live: Seriously, watching this guy makes us question our sexuality a bit. It’s always fun to star at someone who looks like he’s having the time of his life while he’s performing for you. That softboy aesthetic just gets you. Joji gets you.

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P.S. He also throws bananas at the crowd from time to time. He says they’re healthy.


Higher Brothers

It’s kind of becoming a trend for people to listen to songs they actually don’t understand the lines just because of how catchy the tune is. This is kind of what happens to most non-Chinese speaking people who listen to the Higher Brothers, but not exactly. They captivate international audience by incorporating familiar ideas and themes that are usually talked about globally, like consumerism, alienation, and different problems with modern media, and pair them with their loud, energetic sound that explodes with emotions as they stick it to the man, or society, or the system, or whatever they’re rapping about.

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How they are live: It’s such a weird experience trying to sing along to the few recognizable English words in their songs, but every moment of their set was still hella hype. Even if you have zero knowledge of the language, their intended message just magically reaches you. Just goes to show that if you scream something with enough conviction (and talent), people will listen.

Rich Chigga

No one probably took Rich Chigga seriously at first (heck, we didn’t think he took himself seriously), but after he uploaded first viral single, "Dat $tick," no one can deny he really made waves in the hip-hop scene.

A few weeks later, he signed with 88rising and the rest was history. He dropped single after viral single and what’s more surprising is that most of them were really effin’ good songs. He’s a guy on a mission to prove to the world he’s not just some meme that the Internet spewed out.

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How he’s like live: You’re stuck there thinking, where the hell did all this talent come from? The guy’s only 18 years old yet he owns the stage effortlessly. He’s got a really solid voice that goes well with his lazy chill flow. You just can’t help but find all his songs catchy AF.


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