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IN PHOTOS: Justice's Gig In Manila

French DJ duo Justice recently visited Manila for a musical slayin', and they had a slew of pretty ladies to party with. Good thing we brought our camera.
by Gelo Gonzales | May 21, 2015
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Last week, May 14, Metro Manila's it-crowd got their it-game on as they flocked to the latest it-location, Valkyrie at BGC. That was a lot of "its," we know; but for anyone who knows their music, they know that with electronic heavyweights Justice playing that night at the city's current hottest club, it truly was where you'd want to be.

Brought to Manila by Vybe Productions, who's championed the likes of sub-mainstream musical gems (such as Disclosure, CHVRCHES and Cut/Cop) through the years, the gig was a true banger. Flocked on the sides with groove-heavy performances from DJ Badkiss, DJ Euric, and DJ Kikimachine, the crowd had been warmed up properly—nice and loose for what was about to come. Although to be honest, little could warm you up properly for a set as aggressive as that of Justice.

Taking the stage at 1 a.m., the French DJ duo was a chainsaw right through the chest of mundanity. Once the pair's signature cross lit up at the back of the DJ booth, the adrenaline rose. The music roared to life and it felt mainly like being shot right out of military-grade artillery—with a few chill moments sprinkled in between to allow the duo's groovier, disco-esque half to fill the room. 

More often than not though, it was Justice's in-your-face, dirty, rock-and-roll electro that pumped massive amounts life into what could otherwise have been a tranquil Thursday evening. No eardrum was safe that night as Justice finally shattered the racial myth that French people are all about surrendering. This night was all about an all-out assault that rarely showed signs of retreat. These boys came for a slayin' and it's a slayin' they did.

If you weren't there, well, that's the farthest we can describe the music. If you just want to see who partied that night, thankfully we've got a few photos here.

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