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WATCH: Korean Girls Dancing To Justin Bieber's 'Sorry'

Asian girls + a great, bouncy song + high-level dancing = WIN
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 15, 2016
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This is the best time to confess what has been our guilty pleasure the past few weeks: Justin Bieber's "Sorry," we've been listening to it hardcore.

Stone us to death, but the song, as well as the rest of The Biebs' new stuff, has been on point, ace, savage AF, or whatever new-fangled term have you. Why are we bringing this up now? It's because we found a video online of a "Sorry" dance cover featuring...cute Korean women! As hesitant as we were to admit our admiration for Biebs 2.0, we haven't been shy to admit that we love Korean girl groups.


The video below doesn't feature these girl groups, but the girls in the video are quite the talented dancers as well. They're not as, erm, cosmetically breathtaking as some of the most beautiful women from 2NE1 or Sistars, but they can groove it with the best of them. If anything, the video proves the following equation: Asian girls + a great, bouncy song  + high-level dancing = win.

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Here we come, weekend. WE READY TO DANCE!


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