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WATCH: This J-Pop Metal Music Video Takes Weird To An Amusingly Whole New Level

YOU CANNOT UNSEE THIS (and that's a good thing).
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jul 9, 2015
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Over the years, the Land of the Rising Sun has had its fair share of odd finds.

WTF news, WTF game shows, WTF advertisements, even WTF name it, Japan has it.

And mind you, despite all those what-the-f*cks, that level of absurdity is not a knock to our Japanese brothers and sisters. Perhaps it just goes to show that they aren't afraid to push the boundaries for the noble purpose of entertainment. Kudos!

But just when you thought Japan couldn't get any weirder, here comes Ladybaby, the newest Japanese pop metal act in town. You read that right; it's basically a cross between heavy metal's mean guitar riffs and J-Pop's infectious structure.

Here are several GIFs to satisfy your penchant for cute school girls for you to get to know them:

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So what seems to be the problem? They might look like your usual cutesy J-Pop act, whose songs are all about puppy love or overused Japanese themes. But wait, we almost forgot to include these:

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What, or who was that?

Why is a hairy, burly man in girly outfit roaming the streets of Japan? (And if you're asking, yes, all those GIFs unbelievably came from the same music video.)

The guy who looks like he might just turn Super Saiyan at any minute is known as Ladybeard, an Australian cross-dressing Japanese performer who also moonlights as a professional wrestler.

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Ladybeard reportedly formed Ladybaby with junior idols Rie Kaneko, 14, and Rei Kuromiya, 17, early this year, under the genre he calls "kawaiicore," the peculiar offspring of his love for kawaii pop and heavy metal.

And Ladybaby has been making waves recently with their debut single, "Nippon Manju," which translates to "Japanese Bun," and tells of the many reasons why the trio loves Japan.

Aside from the GIFs above, "Nippon Manju" also features Rei and Rie's dreamy vocals, Ladybeard's haunting growls, and some damn flawless choreo...

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...or Ladybeard simply scaring the crap out of you.

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This new pop sensation, in all of its bloomer-revealing and Ladybeard-grunting glory, perfectly rolls up the big, beautiful ball of weirdness that is called Japan.

Here's the full video of "Nippon Manju" (don't forget to enable the subtitles!):

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