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Who The F*ck Is LANY And Why Is Your Girl Obsessed With Them?

Prepare yourself for some extra cheese (and their Manila concert)
by Vinz Lamorena | Dec 12, 2017
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When we hit the "shuffle play" button on our favorite Spotify playlist, we usually wait a few seconds into an unheard song before realizing we’ve got ourselves a new track to play over and over again. While this is a familiar routine of discovery for most listeners who stream music, it is also an untiring narrative for fans of the three-piece band LANY, whose tunes are so catchy and melodic that one can't help but bob their head to their beats.

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The alternative trio has made a name for themselves by creating what fans call “make out music.” The boys mix in romance with some synths and balladic tempos, an enchanting, foolproof formula that mostly works in their favor. Now, they are set to conquer the world, one kilig track at a time. You want proof? Check if their track “ILYSB (I Love You So Bad)” is on your girlfriend’s playlist. 

“ILYSB” is a pipe song. Its melody and energy are magnetic, with notes and lyrics that are sweet and idyllic. The song starts out slow and dreamy, with that familiar synth-pop charm that makes it easy to fall in love with.

It’s a track that transports you on a road trip, the skies painted by the sunset. It's the kind of cheesy song that places its listeners right in the heart of a romantic setting, where blissful infatuation is allowed to take over. 

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In an interview, LANY’s vocalist Paul Klein shared how he came up with the line “I love you so bad.”

“It was during a car ride when my sister at the other end of the line said ‘I love you so bad’ after saying that she would soon be home from a trip,” Klein said. Months later, he would write a song called “I Love You So Bad,” depicting that very car ride

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“She also wrote ‘I love you so bad’ on a notepad and put it in my car," Kelin explained. "It’s still in my car, actually.”


Now, just in case your girlfriend drags you to their next Manila concert, here's a breakdown of their most popular songs. Get ready for some cheese, bro! Don't say we didn't warn you. 

1) “13”

It’s a catchy breakup song that you need to send to your ex. Right now.

2) “Super Far”

Listen carefully: this song is about the one-sidedness of a relationship doomed to fail. Ouch.

3) “Bad, Bad, Bad”

Snappy electronic beats score the juvenile adventure of young lovers in this lively ditty.

4) “Current Location”

This one is for all the lovelorn couples in long-distance relationships.

The band is set to play their biggest headline show on April 5, 2018 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Tickets go on sale on Dec. 14 at 10 AM.

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