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Long Time Noisy by Kamikazee

<p>A long playtime for the new album</p>
| Jun 11, 2009
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Long Time Noisy opens confidently, in full throttle even, with Kamikazee donning all the thickening agents they can get their hands on. But instead of wowing the listener, it now seems like a huge effort to we don’t know, jumpstart their mojo? Mask their mediocre songwriting? In any case, the first two songs could easily have come from their previous records; they sound expected, worn-out, old. They get their bearings belatedly, in third track “Eschoos Me.” It is an aggressive little number that has dialogues inserted in the creases and a funny little vocal stint at the end. This is followed with “4:20” an ode to the magic herb that charms more for its premise than its sound. But maybe that’s exactly what makes Kamikazee clicks. The so-so songs are Their funny repartee more than makes up for so-so songs. The 20-track record deeply demonstrates how gigil this band is with their new material, with them doing a mock radio show saying their thank you’s at the very end.  

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