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Maja Salvador And Melai Cantiveros Have A Creepy-Funny Version Of Sia's 'Chandelier'
Someone almost disrobes... But we won't say who!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Feb 10, 2015
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Maja Salvador isn't new to making amusing headlines. Having a playful spirit and an array of talents to boot, she has become one of the must-follow celebrities in the country.

When she's not busy singing "Dahan-dahan" or busting a move on stage, the Kapamilya star can't seem to resist posting something interesting on social media.

Just yesterday, February 9, Maja was joined by good friend Melai Cantiveros for a parody of Sia’s “Chandelier.” The three-part music video went viral hours after they uploaded it to Maja’s Instagram account, @iammajasalvador.

And how would we describe their very expressive dance routine? Well, it’s creepy...but also funny! Here are the reasons why...

Maja's lip-synching skills are spot-on!

But, wait. Why so sad, Maja? May masakit ba?

Noticing that her friend might not be feeling well, Melai advices her to take medicine. And that she should drink it three times a day.

But Maja hates medicines! She says it's bitter. She tries to shun Melai but to no avail. Melai keeps insisting that she should take her medicines and even teaches her a counting technique. One...two..three...drink!

Unable to convince Maja, Melai unleashes her trump card to finally get her friend's attention: The Sound of Music pirouette! Or is it the Ultra-Magnetic Top dance move?

She follows it with the self-reverse Nestea-plunge maneuver.

And A West Side Story (sort of) theater moves. Yung tahi mo, girrrrrl!

Looks like Melai misheard the word "fly" as "high" #LakasTama.

After a few calls from the MTRCB, Melai makes a time jump and returns to when she was still wearing a skirt and resumes whatever the hell she was doing. We have no idea if Maja's amused.

Seriously, Melai, put the freaking skirt down! Oh, wait. Did we really just say that?

But good job girls, we had a good laugh. Now, take a bow:

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1 2 3... 1 2 3.... 😜 miss you @mrandmrsfrancisco

A video posted by MAJA 💜 (@iammajasalvador) on

1 2 3... 1 2 3.... 😜 @mrandmrsfrancisco

A video posted by MAJA 💜 (@iammajasalvador) on

1 2 3... 1 2 3... 😜 @mrandmrsfrancisco

A video posted by MAJA 💜 (@iammajasalvador) on

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