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Throwback Tunesday: 10 Memorable Cartoon Theme Songs To Make You Feel #Tanders

Prepare your eyes and ears for a nostalgia trip that will bring you straight back to your childhood and in front of your old school CRT TV!
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 4, 2014
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Back in the days when mobile phones were bigger than your TV's remote control, beepers still beeped, and Mexicanovelas—not Koreanovelas—ruled primetime, cartoons held a huge chunk of kids’ free time that would’ve been spent on Facebook, DoTA 2, and playing apps today.

But it’s been a long time since then and, except for the occasional daydream where we reminisce about how payat we used to be, we’ve moved on and have seemingly forgotten about the good ol' days. However, every once in a while, we get bitten by the nostalgia bug, causing us to fondly look back in the time when our afternoons were spent in front of the boob tube with our pals, watching our fictional heroes kick butt. 

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So here we are again with another edition of FHM MAKES YOU FEEL #TANDERS, in which we pay tribute to golden shows of our youth by listing down the 10 memorable cartoon theme songs that signaled good times are about to roll. Check it out below and prepare to sing along, fellow tanders!


Sung by: Dale Schacker

What made it memorable: The electrifying guitar riffs meant this show that featured metallic stallions and a giant robot wearing a cowboy hat isn’t for sissies. We bet a few of you even tried to imitate playing the song on a real guitar (naks!). But the best bit is certainly the sound of the whip cracking in the air. Wapish!

Sing it: “Can you feel the thunder inside / Make a lightning crack as you ride”


Sung by: Jeff Pescetto

What made it memorable: The MTV is good eye-candy, but the vocals reminded us of pre-wacko Michael Jackson. Pescetto could probably win in a Jacko imitation contest.

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Sing it: “Dark Wing Duck / Let’s get dangerous”


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