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Moonlane Festival Was A Nostalgia Trip For Orange & Lemons And OPM Fans

Clem Castro admits missing their previous lineup, but underscores the importance of moving on
by John Paulo Aguilera | Aug 6, 2018
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The most established and promising local music acts gathered over the weekend for Moonlane Festival, personally handpicked and presented by Orange & Lemons.

In the massive indoor event that doubled as an artist fair, fans were treated to a 12-hour non-stop playlist of the finest tunes that OPM has to offer, from industry staples like Pupil to relative newcomers such as Munimumi. Of course, the highlight of the music festival was the launch of O&L's Love in the Land of Rubber Shoes & Dirty Ice Cream (15th Anniversary Edition).

FHM was there with Clem Castro, Ace del Mundo, and JM del Mundo played their final song, "A New Day," and here's why we think Moonlane Festival serves as a metaphor for the band's new direction, one that coincides with what seems like a bright future for OPM.


Photo by Mark Jesalva

The six-piece's set was almost perfect—everyone was singing along to "jengx100" and dancing wildly to "Gising." Someone must have turned the volume up on all of the instruments—thankfully, our eardrums didn't explode.

The Camerawalls

Photo by Mark Jesalva

Clementine performed "Clinically Dead For 16 Hours" and some of The Camerawalls' underrated singles for their biggest appearance since returning from a four-year hiatus. While his more popular work came with the main act, he was able to play around during this experimental set.


Photo by Mark Jesalva

Shortly before their set started, we joked about Raimund diving onto the stage to kick things off. Well, the Sandwich frontman emerged, got on top of one of the amplifiers, and proved us right. The band still has their moxie after two decades!


Ang Bandang Shirley

Photo by Mark Jesalva

This was our first time to see Ang Bandang Shirley live after countless hours of listening to "Theme Song" and "Tama Na Ang Drama." The indie rock outfit might have introduced us to newer stuff instead of playing our personal favorites, but it's all good (also, we may have fallen hard for their new female vocalist, Debb Acebu).

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The Itchyworms

Photo by Mark Jesalva

Jugs followed up their first song with a disclaimer that they haven't played in almost a month. He must be humblebragging, as The Itchyworms showed no signs of rust while playing classics like "Beer" and the emotional "Di Na Muli." 

Oh, Flamingo

Photo by Mark Jesalva

Being sandwiched between two rock institutions didn't stop the up-and-coming quartet from having a damn good time. When we weren't distracted by Oh Flamingo's crazy (good) rhythm section, our eyes were glued to Pat Sarabia (Apartel) and her mad drumming skills. Too bad Pappu wasn't wearing a barong...

Orange & Lemons

It was already past midnight when Clem, Ace, and JM took to the stage, but fans shook off their tired feelings by jamming to an unforgettable set. From surprise performances of non-Love In The Land of Rubber Shoes & Dirty Ice Cream songs to the unveiling of the official music video for "Kailangan Kita," it felt like the O&L faithful were blown away by the sight (and sounds) before them.

Photo by Mark Jesalva
Photo by Mark Jesalva

At one point in their hour-long number, Clem reminisced the good old days, which in effect, made the crowd giddy. If you think about it, they may wax nostalgic every once in a while, but moving on was the best thing to ever happen to this renewed trio.


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