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Most Awesome Moments During The Deftones Weekend That Was

The return of Deftones was properly chaotic
by Gelo Gonzales | May 27, 2013
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An otherwise peaceful Sunday night transformed into a mad, explosive evening as alternative metal band Deftones performed live at the World Trade Center in Pasay in support of their latest album, Koi No Yokan.

Just as loud as ever, the boys from Sacramento—vocalist Chino Moreno, guitarist Stephen Carpenter, drummer Abe Cunningham, bassist Sergio Vega, and DJ Frank Delgado—whipped up a storm the same way they did during their Diamond Eyes concert held at the same venue in 2011.

The energy stayed high throughout their 24-song set,  no small thanks to Moreno’s game, hyperactive stage play, complemented by a Sergio Vega who has now asserted himself as an equally animated performer. In spite of all his heavy riffs, Carpenter remained pretty chill in his corner—his long, glorious hair being the only visual reminder of his presence. Meanwhile, it was business as usual for the members at the back row, Cunningham and Delgado—the former still banging on his drums like he’s never aged since turning twenty, and the latter busily twiddling knobs in his enclosure of synthesizers.

Once again, a crowd composed largely of mid-to-late twenty-somethings screamed/jumped for as long as their twenty-something legs could jump/sang along to the songs of the highly influential band known for fusing attack-mode guitar work, breathtaking atmospherics, and Moreno’s distinct singing style.

For fans of great rock music, the Deftones concert made possible by made for another night to remember. Here we’ve listed some of our favorite moments.

1) Abe Cunningham tries to run off with a fan’s bass guitar
After the fan's day press conference at Diamond Hotel in Manila, a few fans stuck around to meet the band. One of those fans was this dude, Gerald Guerrero, the bassist for the band Earthmover. “Hey, Abe! Can you sign my bass?” he asked. Abe agreed. And then Abe attempted to run away with it—in jest, of course.

2) We got autographs!
Also during the press con, FHM and other members of the press were lucky enough to get their CDs and plaka signed. Ebay here we come! Just kidding, we ain’t letting go of these babies! 

3) Steph loves weed
Stephen Carpenter isn’t shy to tell the world of his love for the green stuff. Asked about their creative process, one of the answers that came out of him was this golden bit of advice, spoken in his best Dr. Dre impression: “Smoke weed everyday.” Abe, the joker in the band, confirmed in a dry manner what the press already knew then about Steph: “He likes weed.” 

This dude. He likes weed.

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Photos courtesy of Jason Arellano, Timmy Potenciano, Camille Banzon, Jessica Pantalla, Lou Munoz, and Mico Sangalang
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