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10 Killer Local Music Videos To Match Whatever Mood You're In

AKA an excuse to listen to Julz Savard, Clara Benin, and Reese Lansangan over and over again
by Tomi Uysingco | Jan 5, 2017
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Judging from all the awesome videos and amazing songs that our local artists released last year, we can actually say that, hey, the 2016 music scene wasn’t so bad after all. Even if we sometimes felt that the universe had fun playing with our emotions, music was always there to tide us through whatever we were feeling during those freakin' 2016 rollercoaster moments. If you're raring for an early throwback, here’s a list of killer music videos that slayed last year to suit your different moods. And hey, they’re all local, too!

If you’re pining for the one that got away…

 “Siberia” by Ang Bandang Shirley

Shirley are masters of their craft and a lot are not ashamed to say that they tried suppressing tears the first time they heard their latest single "Siberia." It’s as if the song was written based on our lost loves and it hurts how they perfectly encapsulated our current well-being, or lack thereof. We hate you Ang Bandang Shirley, but love you at the same time.

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If you’re annoyed when people don’t know “they’re” from “their”…

“Grammar Nazi” by Reese Lansangan

“I’m not a nazi, I just care about good grammar,” Reese Lansangan sings. You have to admit that it does get annoying when the hot girl you're on a date with says “stuffs” instead of "stuff." 

If you’re tired of backstabbers…

“Taksil” by BLKD

BLKD, known for conscious and sociopolitical hiphop, takes a sharp aim at backstabbing allies. He is asking the people to be weary of those around them, especially the ones with more to gain. It can also be considered an allegory to how our government has been constantly sticking a knife in our backs.

If you want to move on…

“Right Time” by Johnoy Danao and Clara Benin

Moving on is such a bitch. It breaks your heart into a million tiny pieces and you’re left picking those pieces up one by one. But with great loss comes great art. And instead of sounding bitter, Johnoy duets with Clara with utter restraint in this melancholy ballad. 

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If you’re afflicted with post-internet depression…

 “Ang Pag Hihintay sa Pagkawalan ng Bukas” by Nouvul

When it’s 3 in the morning and you find yourself wide awake, endlessly scrolling down your social media feeds, thoughts swirling around your head, this is the song that should be playing. “Numb to the core / I’m sure / Bless me because I’m impure,” Nouvul sings in this mutated R&B sad-jam and you can’t help yourself but feel the same. All that pain, and the sun isn't even up yet. 


If you’re feeling hip…

“Is It Hip?” by Apartel

Shot like an indie film, Apartel’s music video is every hipster kid’s wet dream. The song in itself is an infectious groove that sort of betrays the melancholia of the storyline set by the video, but isn’t ambiguity hip nowadays anyway?

If you’re super into Pokemon (and gotta catch ‘em all!)…

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“Catch ‘Em All (Pokemon Go)” by Ankthen Brown & Alex Omiunu


When Pokemon Go first hit the app market, everyone just had to have it. You would see people standing around, looking at their phones trying to catch 'mons. It was a phenomenon. Hiphop caught on and made their own viral sensation with Ankthen Brown & Alex Omiunu’s LSS-inducing track.

If one night stands are not your thing…

“Easy Boys and Easy Girls” by The Strangeness

Hookups can be fun, but after all the dust clears and the smoke settles, what are we really in it for? Just another lonely night. Easy boys and easy girls do indeed cancel each other out.

If you’re feeling sultry (and woozy)...

“Constellations” by SIXX

This Banks-worshipping tune is dripping with sexuality. BONUS: You get an excuse to watch (and get high on) the sizzling Julz Savard over and over again as she writhes and sings her way into your heart.

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If you’re lovelorn and frustrated…

 “Losing Control” by Faintlight

Whoever said it’s better to have love and lost than to have never loved at all needs a swift kick in the shin. They clearly don’t know what it’s like to lose control, unlike the pop punk band Faintlight. So before everything else turns into shit, put this video on and trash around. Release that pent up aggression, son.

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