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Musical O

<p>Another collective from Terno Recordings</p>
| Dec 31, 2009
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Terno Recordings, home of indie-cool bands like Up Dharma Down and Radioactive Sago Project, recently launched the debut record of yet another, ehem, cool collective, Musical O. [firstpara]

If you fancy stuff like Mars Volta and Sparta, then Musical O is right up your alley. If you find such references a little bit too obscure, well you're in luck, mate! FHM caught up with Mario Consunji for a quick introduction.

What do you know, Musical O might just be your new thing for the new year!

The requisite question: When, where, how was Musical O formed?
The band was originally formed back in 2003-2004, when we (me, Marco, Chino, and our former drummer Paolo) were in 3rd year high school at LSGH. We were all part of the LSGH band, that's where we'd used to jam and that's probably where it all started.

Chino, Paolo and I were bus mates so we pretty much saw each other everyday. Marco was my classmate during our 1st year in high school. Miggy was my classmate in CSB and we were pretty much were listening to the same stuff so we decided to jam and poof.

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Paolo was our drummer until he left for Canada. Quite unexpectedly too [but] Miggys got really good drumming skills, really good.

Who came up with the band name, and how?
Well, it's supposed to be Musical Orgasm. We used to jam a lot back then and in all honesty, I think we'd all feel a "musical orgasm." It's probably the first time that we would genuinely connect with music and truly express ourselves. That's why we decided to call it Musical Orgasm.

Then when we started playing around gigs it seemed as if we had matured enough to shorten it to "Musical O", plus it would be easier to promote. He he he!

How did you end up with Terno?
When Miggy had officially joined us, he hooked us up with a gig for Student Disco, Tiff Cortez's' production over at Saguijo. She liked us and apparently she also worked for the man himself, Toti.

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I think she told him to come watch us or she asked if we could play at an Inferno. I think toti liked what he heard, thank god!


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