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Neverland Manila: FHM's 10-Point Rave Survival Guide

Our happy hats are ready for Neverland Manila! Here's how you can prepare for this mega rave!
by Gelo Gonzales | Oct 1, 2014
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Back in August, we featured 10 face-melting festivals that we wanted to see before we croaked. Three of those were raves: Belgium’s Tomorrowland, the globe-trotting Electric Daisy Carnival, and Miami’s Ultra Music Festival. As you can see, they’re all international gigs—which heighten the price of admission. To see these shows, not only do you need a show ticket, you’ll also need to get on a plane.

And that is why we love Neverland Manila, happening on October 3, 2014 at the MOA Concert Grounds!

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It’s a world-class rave with world-class acts for a world-class night of partying and face-melting. Now, we don’t have to go through the tiresome process of booking an international trip just to experience the likes of EDM heavyweights such as Axwell, Ingrosso, Afrojack, and Knife Party. From 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. Mall Of Asia’s Concert Grounds become an eye-opening, pupil-dilating wonderland for the big boys and girls who can’t get enough of ear-ripping bangers.

Check out the event's trailer:

As with any big party though, we’d like you to be well-prepared for it. For what you’re paying (P5,500 for Gold, P8,500 for VIP), you’d want to make sure that your experience is as surreal as possible. Check out our tips below, and see how you can ensure that your night is all about the music and the light show, instead of lost wallets and dehydration!

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1)   The Three W’s: Water, Water, Water!

You’ll be jumping up and down, pumping your fist most of the night, and you’ll be sweating loads. Oftentimes you’ll be having so much fun that your body will forget to remind you that it’s dehydrated. So, drink. A good rule of thumb: 500 ml of water every one to two hours of intense dancing.

And do try to give yourself a break when there’s a lull in the music. That way, you can survive 12 hours of non-stop partying. It’s a marathon of an event, that’s for sure!

2)   Leave the unnecessary stuff in the car

Do you really need your house keys in your pocket? Those extra phone batteries? Or for that matter, your secondary phone? How are you supposed to leap when the drop happens? Bring only the essentials, rave-bro.

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3)   Attach return information on your important belongings

Write down your return information on a piece of paper, and tape it on your belongings such as your phone and wallet. Tape over the note to make sure it’s not so easy to rip out. The last step? Hope that the person who finds your lost wallet is a good soul.

4)   Keep keys on a lanyard

The pointy part of the keys hurt in your pockets, don’t they? What you can do is to get a lanyard, and keep the steel lock-openers on them. Wrap around your wrist if you don’t want to hang it on your neck.

5)   In case of girlfriend, strong shoulders are a must

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