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New Online Music Resourse is up!

Music has finally joined the party online!
by Lou E. Albano | Jan 19, 2012
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While piracy has long been eating the music industry alive, the only thing the powers that be has been doing is to stand their ground in the sidelines and watch the decay. They can't be blamed, really. A new world order has never been in the options anyway. Soon iTunes came and a quasi-solution was found but that's mostly in foreign shores. Our local music scene was left for dead.

All that is gonna change. Say hello to, a one-stop mega-shop for all your music needs.

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While there have been attempts at putting up a local music store online, none has shown as much intelligence and reasonability as mymusicstore: the lay-out is clean, purchasing is easy, and the selection is wonderful.

It was launched—just yesterday, in fact January 18 — with a stellar 160,000 songs! It brought all the recording labels—EMI, Sony, Star, Vicor, Warner, MCA, you get the drift— together so you know that everything is totally legit. And everything pretty much means both local and foreign artists. Yup, Basil Valdez can be found along side Beyonce, who is beside Bamboo. The array is impressively wide and wild.

We were combing the website and we must say, the recording industry is a pretty interesting animal to itself. Like love, it has reasons only it can understand. We mean, how the hell do you give a price to "Moves Like Jagger?" Right? We suggest you check out the gallery below to see what about mymusicstore caught FHM's fancy. (a pop of Siakol is just as expensive as a pop of Rihanne, which is more than an Anne Curtis song).

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It's terribly entertaining and informative site! Go see for yourself!

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