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No Line in the Horizon by U2

<p>Better have an aspirin at hand</p>
| May 14, 2009
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The problem with music that’s meant to fill arenas—U2’s brand of rock n’ roll, that is—is that it asks so much from the listener that often, listener ends up exhausted and emotionally drained. Image how tired listeners will be after listening to all 11 tracks of what is said to be U2’s most trying-hard record, their latest No Line in the Horizon. Indeed, after the opening title-track alone, roaring guitars, angry drums, Bono’s vocal works seem to fade out in their calculated glory. There are a couple of tracks that open amiably like “I’ll go Crazy if I don’t Go Crazy Tonight,” and “Moment of Surrender” but again, they force their way into the listener’s consciousness that they practically deaden his senses. Not to say No Line is a bummer but this one’s too much too soon, all out, in your face. - Lou Albano

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