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OPM Artists And Fans Have Mixed Feelings Over Sexual Misconduct Scandal

The local music scene was rocked yesterday after a Twitter thread exposed the alleged sexual misconduct of some indie musicians
by Andrei Medina | Nov 23, 2017
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The local music scene was rocked yesterday after a Twitter thread exposed the alleged sexual misconduct of some indie musicians. At the center of it all was Twitter user Adrienne Onday, who implicated indie bands like Jensen and the Flips and Sud through a series of detailed tweets.

Needless to say, indie music fans and other netizens expressed their shock and dismay regarding the issue.

The ensuing backlash also resulted in the cancelation of Jensen and the Flips’ various gigs.

In response to this, the band has already issued an apology.

Meanwhile, other local artists had different takes on the controversy. Some criticized the bands involved while others defended them. A few issued neutral statements. All in all, everyone’s sentiments added to the whole picture and made it clear that there is indeed a problem that the local music industry needs to resolve. Check out their reactions below:



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