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Let These Parokya Ni Edgar Songs Describe Who You Are On Tinder

Because suave guys are impossible to resist
by Tanya Umali | Oct 18, 2016
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Since news broke out last week about Tinder and Spotify partnering up to help you find Miss Right through music, users have been busy scrolling through their playlists to find the one song that can convince potential partners to swipe in their favor.

Knowing how tough an exercise figuring out the best anthem that captures your essence is, we thought we'd suggest a few potential gems that could help you to narrow down your choices.

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We hope you don't mind if we go all-Parokya ni Edgar singles on this one. After all, who else is better at describing your inner "Mr. Suave" than this solid crew, whose latest album, Pogi Years Old, just came out.

These guys have been making music that celebrates love both at its most heartfelt and most gut-wrenching. But relax, there'd be less of the latter on this list. Instead, we bring for your consideration these 9 songs that will surely tell women you mean business when it comes to matters of the heart.

1) 'Gitara'
You're bursting with affection for the pretty lady you've been admiring from afar. Yet you can't summon the words nor the courage to walk up to her and say what you feel. Despite your trepidation, she sees potential in you, senses the fire you've been wanting to unleash. You should feel good, but rest is still up to you.

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2) 'Harana'
You're old-fashioned, she'll get it. You will go the extra mile to express how she means to you. You'll visit her instead of just call. She'll know you'll not be content sending her the occasional text message. You're one of a kind. She can't wait to meet you and experience the kind of loving you'll readily share with her.

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3) 'Buloy'
This track is for the bro who cares for his bros. Nothing is more attractive to a lady than a man who is not only concerned for himself, but also for other people's well-being, too. You're dependable. And that'd be enough for her say yes to your dinner invite at 8.  

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4) 'Mr. Suave'
Smooth operator, that's what you are. You're confident, you offer more than just good looks. Don't just over-internalize its meaning, though, lest you want her to think you're just a player out to simply score one over her. 

5) 'Para Sa'yo'
When you meet the one, you'll do whatever it takes to prove your worthiness to her. How can women swipe-left to that? 

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6) 'One and Only'
For the guy who never gives up until he finds the woman of his dreams. Once you do, you'll have no trouble staying faithful and loyal. Easy swipe-right for this one.

7) 'Halaga'
This song on your Tinder profile will make you pretty hard to ignore. You're the quality, stand-up guy who will shower her with devotion and be there for her through the ups and downs. She knows it'll be her lost friendzoning a keeper like you.

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8) 'Pangarap Ko Sa Buhay'
Women are impressed with dreamers and men with ambition. You're no lazy bum and she'll feel secure knowing that about you. 

9) 'Maniwala Ka Sana'
This song has "romantic" written all over it. A woman will instantly know just by listening to this song that you're a hardworking guy who'll do his very best win her love. No girl can resist a guy so hell-bent on making her feel special.

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