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Pasta Groove

Dig in to his sweet and spicy Pinoy tunes

by Lou E. Albano | May 7, 2009
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Tell us more about your record, The Disktintive Sounds of Pasta Groove.
This project is a collection of very personal recordings that I've churned out over the course of time. I figured it'll take as long as it has to as long as the vision is fulfilled. The music has always been a sacred platform to me. After 4-5 years, I finally decided that the time was right to fine tune everything and let this cosmic space spiritual journey be known.

How did this all start?
It all started when I got into vinyl. This was back in 97-98. My lolo had just passed away, and he left a treasure trove of old vinyl records behind. I'd meticulously go through each record, hearing original samples of hip hop records, and it was like tasting old wine! I didn't want the new anymore. In fact, I couldn't listen to hip hop for months! Eventually, I found my way into the sample based hip hop production realm.Where sounds from old vinyl records get chopped and diced and flipped over and over again.

There’s a lot of old Filipino vibe in here. Where’d this come from?
Yes, lots of elements on the album are actually taken from old Filipino records. From Pinoy Jazz to old Kundiman records. But I also sample from other sources like obscure European jazz records and the Hi-Fi sounds of the 50's. The most unexpected soundbite would probably be the DW Jollibee snippet on the last 3 seconds of the album! HAHAH!


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