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<p>Electric, electronic, electrifying.</p>
| Aug 6, 2009
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On album opener "Program of the First Part" alone, the listener will already feel the sense of melancholy fleshed out only with a pulsing electronic melody and a subdued yet electrifying beat.

Like an usher, "Program of the First Part" eases the listener's way into the album, Thieves Like Us' debut record. It is followed by the more upbeat "Drugs in my Body," which sounds like something hipsters would dance to. The stylized vocals become very much part of the electronic melody—an attribute that makes the whole song even catchier.

"Fass" plays next, and with the same kind of minimalist flair, it will successfully keep listeners' ears glued to the headphones. The song's indie, new wave vibe hearkens back to a time when pop songs weren't created with the arrogance and gaudiness of a one-notch-too-eager producer. 

The record slows down with "An Easy Tonight" and "Lady," the former with its downbeat tempo and the latter with its sparse vocal melody. They invite you to a somewhat pensive experience—great music for when it's raining outside, and you're alone in yoru room with nothing to do.

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This low-key parade is carried on to the second half of the record, which starts with the aptly tited "Program of the Second Part." Lovers of new wave and electronica would love to march with the electronic trio's combination of intentionally barren soundscape and booming collection of both up-tempo and down-tempo beats.

One way to describe the vocals? Beautifully anemic.

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