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5 Promising Local Pop Punk Bands That Prove That The Youth Is Still Raging

Punk's not dead, it just went pop
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jul 26, 2017
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Punk has evolved throughout the years, getting a major facelift after being combined with other musical flavors such as emo and pop (blink-182, Paramore, Green Day). Gone are the days of unadulterated and anti-establishment sentiments (Ramones, The Clash), when the likes of Sid Vicious were allowed to diddle with instruments. Simply put, rockstars should be technically proficient, and the brand of punk that once ruled the airwaves just not sit well with today's tamer audiences.

Locally, punk institutions The Wuds and Betrayed are still active, but the once-shunned genre has touched the youth. Some of these up-and-coming bands have converged and established the movement, Pop Punk Manila.

In search of fresh music and new talent that adheres to pop punk sensibilities, FHM scoured the burgeoning community for acts that deserve to be heard:


The volatile nature of their sound reminds us of old-school punk (Grin Department, anyone?). In the midst of Vinx (lead), Ian (guitar), Jayr (bass), and Kiel's (drums) heavy instrumental work, Mark's vocal flexibility shows the way for this five-piece group from Rizal.

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Cinco de Kalyo

Those who miss Kamikazee might want to check this band out. They seem to have been inspired by Jay and co.'s Tagalog rock love songs and tight instrumentals. It won't take long, though, before Mark, Raymart, Ralph, and Sergs step out of their idols' shadows.

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The female-fronted quintet isn't just another Paramore-inspired group—just listen to their poignant compositions to get blown away. Even though the American rockers influenced them, Gela (vocals), Niokz (guitar), Kokoy (guitar), Kevs (bass), and Ian (drums) are carving out a distinct sound that's always fun, but never too bubblegum.

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Happy Three Friends

Happy Three Friends are as wild as Blink 182 was. We mean, who the hell has superheroes for bandmates and crummy rehearsal studios for music video locations? Anton, Inno, and Mack's quirky verses almost always compensate for the missed notes. Sorry, bros!

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Sweet Sayonara

The Novaliches sweet boyz are the pop punk archetype. Lyrics that are straight to the point, layered power chords, and loud, lengthy guitar solos define Czean (vocals), Czyrus (drums), and Saldy's (guitar) musical identity.

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