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Pupil has a book!

<p>Touring with rockstars</p>
| Nov 5, 2009
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At one point in Pupil’s country-wide tour last March, the band lands in Naga, a province we know not a lot about other than the fact it shares its name with some mythical serpent-like creature. Naga is also Ely Buendia’s hometown. [firstpara]

This is their fourth stop in the tour, and one member, Yanny Yuzon, partially succumbs to fatigue. Ely, Wendell and Dok heads for the streets in search of “Naga’s famous toasted siopao,” leaving Yanny behind in the hotel room. He was experiencing varying degrees of dizziness, anxiety and a couple other accursed feelings.

Only an English football game was keeping him sane. Yanny relates: “Misery loves company, and a packed football stadium two-thirds of the way around the world is company enough, especially when you keep mixing up the TV and aircon remotes AND your cellphone in sheer confusion and fatigue.”

This is but one of the things you can expect to experience in the recently published book about Pupil's tour, Against the Light: A Pupil Tour Diary. Like listening to a dear old friend relate a story about his travels, the book effortlessly draws the reader in. It actually makes you feel as though you were touring with the band. Its tone casual and cool, the band is stripped down to the basics; that is as men who also enjoy eating and relaxing; who get homesick, and get bored, and also take lots of pictures or whatnot.

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They play music in front of huge crowds. But in this book, we are given a very revealing look into what goes around during those times when they’re not being what they essentially are: rock stars. Along with the beautiful photos, the written entries are filled with tiny, little details that are a joy to read not only for hardcore fans of Pupil but for anyone who’d like to feel like that kid journalist in the movie Almost Famous.

The band, who is credited collectivelly for the photos and text in the book, is oh-so-generous with photos. Against the Light is littered with behind-the-scenes images, making you feel like a voyeur trespassing the band's private moments. But immediately you feel s fine; the photos reveal that these boys are camwhores.

There is a photo of Ely Buendia, where the revered rocker wears a fake moustache. We reckon that is what Mario would have looked like had he not involved himself in plumbing, saving princesses, and go-karting.

As the “novelty (and glue) of the ‘stache” wears off, as Ely puts it, the readers are soon whisked off to the actual concert, where Pupil does what they do best, and that is to rock.

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It's a cute little peek into Pupil, this book. And for obvious reasons, fans will most definitely enjoy this. Makes us wonder, though, what was it about the tour that Pupil decided to document it and put together a book?


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