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'I Lost A Few Pounds Rocking Out To Tanya Markova At Rakrakan 2018'

The music festival turned out to be an exhausting and engrossing experience
by John Paulo Aguilera | Feb 27, 2018
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The Rakrakan Festival is that time of the year when a hundred local acts come together to celebrate OPM with legions of Pinoy fans (just to give you a rough estimate, there were around 25,000 music lovers in attendance last year).

Rakista Radio brought the multi-stage and multi-genre party to the Aseana City Concert Grounds in Parañaque last Saturday, February 25, where rock icons like Ely Buendia and punk soldiers The Wuds tried to tear the house down with hip-hop favorites Gloc-9 and reggae warriors The Chongkeys.

FHM wasn't about to miss out on this rock carnival, which proved to be an amusing—and at the same time—agonizing adventure.

7:05 - Mayonnaise mayhem

We were 30 minutes late to BennyBunnyBand and Urbandub's sets, so we had to open the night with Monty and co. at the Mosh Stage. The VIP area was tame compared to the mosh pit brewing behind it—even after Mayo launched into Teeth's "Laklak." Meanwhile, Urbandub headed to 70s Bistro for a reunion of sorts...

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8:15 - The Wud (yes, less the 's')

This was the second straight year that we were able to watch a performance from local punk's progenitors. The Youth and Philippine Violators played before the Bobby Balingit-led socio-political revolutionaries, thus marking our last trip to the Slam Stage.

9:25 - Flict-G feat. some lady

It was supposed to be Flict-G spitting emotional bars of the rap ensemble piece "Nakakamiss" with Smugglaz, Curse One, and Dello at the Tropa Center Stage. We ended up listening to the battle emcee's hip-hop rendition of Utada Hikaru's "First Love" (alongside a soulful siren who was a bit off-key).


10:00 - Mas masaya pag may Tanya Markova!

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The eight-piece shock rockers are the main reason why we braved the Saturday traffic and endured standing for six hours straight. It felt like we lost a couple of pounds singing and dancing along to  arguably the best, if not the most fun, live performers of the Move Stage—Norma Love, Iwa Motors, Mowmow, Rez Curtis, Skrovak Iskapanjo, Isabel Olé, Robot Jaworski, and Levy Poe.

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10:35 - Well, well, well, O&L

We were about to run to the Tropa Center Stage to catch Ely Buendia, until this month's FHM Heroes made their way to the stage in Tanya Markova's wake. Safe to say the decision to stay was the right one, as Clem, JM, and Ace rewarded us with the classic serenades ("Kailangan Kita," "Let Me") and hits ("Heaven Knows," "Hanggang Kailan").

11:20 - IV of 'Hearts'

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We followed the rampaging crowd to check what the fuss was all about, only to be deafened by the collective scream of rowdy female audience members. Good thing these groovy dressers have the talent to back the pageantry up, especially in a cutthroat industry. And to have names like Badjao de Castro, Blaster Silonga, Unique Salonga, and Zild Benitez, IV of Spades have to be good!

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12:00 - Oh, Franco

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Franco was a perfect way to end an otherwise tiring night. Jamming to "Song for the Suspect" and "Better Days" was more than enough to numb our aching feet even for a short period of time. Overall, Rakrakan 2018 turned out to be an exhausting yet engrossing experience.


Photography Eve Baswel

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