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The 7 Most Compelling Parokya Ni Edgar Collaborations

Did you know that one of their songs even featured an Eheads legend?
by John Paulo Aguilera | Oct 3, 2017
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Recently, Parokya ni Edgar dished out a collaborative work with pop outfit Gracenote titled "Bakit Ganyan Ka?"

Eunice Jorge's soothing pipes and the electronic flavor are a breath of fresh air for the band known for its quick-witted spoofs, brutal love songs, and crisp rock raps.

Although this wasn't the first time Chito Miranda, Vinci Montaner, Gab Chee Kee, Buwi Meneses, Darius Semana and Dindin Moreno needed somebody else to produce their next hit. FHM ranks the best artists who stood by them inside the recording studio.


7) 'Businessman' - Gloc-9 feat. Vinci Montañer

Okay, this isn't really a Parokya collab (more of Gloc's single), and it happened at the time when Vinci was out of the band. Still, the hilarious project represented the special bond they have with the eloquent rapper.

6) 'Sing' - Parokya Ni Edgar feat. Rico Blanco

The group and Rico share the same musical madness, so it was suprising to see them come up with such a serious track—with Chito even playing the guitar. There was "Panahon Na Naman Ng Harana," but this one hits the mark.

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5) 'One Hit Combo' - Parokya Ni Edgar feat. Gloc-9

The hip-hop influences have become more obvious in recent years for Parokya. This acoustic rap with the double-time wordsmith about their humble beginnings is one fine example, although this isn't even their best teamup...


4) 'Hosanna Ngayong Pasko' - Parokya ni Edgar feat. Ely Buendia

Yes, you read that right. Under the pseudonym MH Hesus, the Eraserheads frontman provided backup vocals for this underrated holiday tune—the perfect Christmas gift for someone who looked up to their legendary predecessors.

3) 'Pangarap Lang Kita' - Parokya ni Edgar feat. Happy Sy

Bet you didn't know her before this song—Best Ballad Recording, Best Collaboration, Favorite Song—was released. While the Inuman Sessions Vol. 2 version with Yeng Constantino was hardcore, the one with Vinci was disturbingly good.

2) 'The Ordertaker' - Parokya Ni Edgar feat. Kamikazee

All hell breaks loose every time you put Parokya and Kamikazee in the same room. What more if they're doing a parody? Old faces, WWE references, and pure, unadulterated fun make this their best music video.

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1) 'Bagsakan' - Parokya ni Edgar feat. Francis M. and Gloc-9

You couldn't ask for more in a superstar collab: two hip-hop icons and a seminal band in OPM industry, busting out rhymes like there's no tomorrow. This was also one of FrancisM's last joint efforts with another artist before his death, amplifying its importance. 


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