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10 Pop Rock Songs You Didn't Know Were About God

Rock and roll is not just the devil's music
by Rampador Alindog | Mar 30, 2018
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God is everywhere, at least that's what your friendly neighborhood priest might say.

We used to doubt that, but we've had a change of heart since. Why? Well, because we found out that the Big Guy really is everywhere. The devout might see his image carved in rocks, in trees, in cloud formations, in the patterns on an insect's back, or in the the weirdest instances, in a piece of cereal floating in a bowl of milk.

Heck, you can even experience his presence in songs that the church choir would deem too noisy for Sunday mass. Yes, we're talking about good ol' rock 'n' roll—the devil's music itself.

Throughout history, there have been a lot of rock tunes that sing the praises of Beelzebub, but there are tracks that actually talk about and address God. The ones on this list might just surprise you.

'After Forever' by Black Sabbath

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Many view Black Sabbath as the epitome of rock-band-as-devil-worshipper. Well, it is easy to see why, what with the band espousing a dark sound since day one. But, of course, we know better now. With lyrics penned by Geezer Butler and sung by the irreverent Ozzy Osbourne, "After Forever" was released in far away 1971.

Here's Geezer explaining to Bass Guitar Magazine the idea behind the song.

"A lot of it was because of the situation in Northern Ireland at the time," he said. "There were a lot of religious troubles between the Protestants against the Catholics. I was brought up strictly Catholic and I guess I was naive in thinking that religion shouldn't be fought over."

"I always felt that God and Jesus wanted us to love each other. It was just a bad time in Northern Ireland, setting bombs off in England and such. We all believed in Jesus—and yet people were killing each other over it. To me it was just ridiculous. I thought that if God could see us killing each other in his name, he'd be disgusted."

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'Killing Moon' by Echo And The Bunnymen

To a few, EATB was just another post punk act not unlike Joy Division and The Fall. Then they released "Killing Moon," a song so achingly haunting and beautiful and magnificent it has been used as a soundtrack in many memorable movie scenes.

According to songwriter Ian Mcculloch, it doesn't just discuss God, it discusses everything you need to know about life itself.

"I've always said that 'The Killing Moon' is the greatest song ever written. I'm sure Paul Simon would be entitled to say the same about 'Bridge Over Troubled Water,' but for me 'The Killing Moon' is more than just a song. It's a psalm, almost hymnal. It's about everything, from birth to death to eternity and God—whatever that is—and the eternal battle between fate and the human will. It contains the answer to the meaning of life."

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Uhm, okay.

'Are You Gonna Go My Way' by Lenny Kravitz

No one would think Lenny a devout Christian given how he has seemingly shagged everything and anything in Hollywood including Adriana Lima, Nicole Kidman, and Madonna.

In any case, he swears "Are You Gonna Go My Way" is not a pick up line, but an actual call for followers to walk the way not of Aerosmith but of the Crucified One.

Reading through some of the lyrics including the lines, "I was born long ago, I am the chosen I'm the one, I have come to save the day, And I won't leave until I'm done..." seems to give credence to the idea, but we doubt if Jesus really want us to "love and rub-a-dub, we've got to dance and be in love."

What do you think?

'Until the End of the World' by U2

No, this song is not necessarily about God, but someone close to his son Jesus. In fact, this guy was so close to Jesus, he was able to betray him for several pieces of silver. Yes, we're talking about Judas. The lyrics actually talk about Jesus' fallibility from Judas' point of view, revealing how he was able to betray Him mainly because he was too focused on "the end of the world."

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Clever, right?

'Shine' by Collective Soul

With a guitar line so catchy and heavy at the same time, one is given to think: Okay, he'll be singing some of the most inane stuff here a la Robert Plant, you know, Valhalla and such.

But then, this follows: "Give me a word, Give me a sign, Show me where to look, Tell me what will I find...Lay me on the ground, Fly me in the sky, Show me where to look, Tell me what will I find... Oh, heaven let your light shine down."

This is way more Christian (and more convincing) than Ang Dating Daan!

Of course, even then, the songwriter, Ed Roland, always downplayed the religious connotations of his lyrics maintaining they are "unintentional." His brother Dean, however, admitted at some point, the song, or at least the chorus, is a "prayer."


'Somebody To Love' by Queen

For most, the song is just a tune about a man looking for love. A closer scrutiny of the lyrics sees the singer in conversation with the Savior. At first, he questions him as to why, despite all his toiling, he can't find somebody to love.

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"Oh, each morning I get up I die a little, Can barely stand on my feet, I take a look in the mirror and cry, Lord what you're doing to me? I have spent all my years in believing you, But I just can't get no relief, Lord! Can anybody find me somebody to love?"

Later on in the song, he realizes he was fooling himself (because Jesus was there to love him all along).

"I'm OK, I'm alright, I ain't gonna face no defeat, I just gotta get out of this prison cell, One day (someday) I'm gonna be free, Lord!"

Pretty deep, huh?

'Alay' by Kamikazee

The same band who came up with such inane party anthems as "Seksi Seksi" and "Martyr Nyebera," also sang about the Almighty One.

Don't believe us? Here's a sample: "Pinagpala ang makilala Ka, Ikaw ang dahilan ng aking paghinga, Lahat ng ito'y wala kundi dahil Sa'yo, Di masusukat ang Iyong puso..." Yes, we didn't think Jay Contreras was capable of sounding so pious and so enlightened but this seems like it was taken right out of a Semana Santa "Pabasa."

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'Pause' by Kjwan

Just like "Somebody to Love," at first listen, "Pause" sounds like a paean to love of the earthly kind, but repeated listening convinced us it might be more than that.

Of course, we could be wrong, but hearing singer Marc Abaya mouth the lines "I thought I didn't need You, Thought I could rule the world without You by my side, As the world bears down on my shoulders, I find the fear doesn't subside... Where have You been? I've been so alone, I don't know how I've lasted this long..."

Then, "I need you, You give me strength, You take away my fear, there was a void in my heart that only You could fill..." To us it sounds pretty much like he is addressing the God the Father. Or it could just be Alessandra De Rossi.

'Sige Lang' by Quest

Used heavily as the theme song of Pinoy basketball team Gilas Pilipinas in 2012, many now relate the song to the pursuit of lofty goals.

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A close reading of the lyrics, however, sees the writer urging listeners to live through Bathala's words and to ultimately keep the faith: "Unang lahat ay mamulat sa aking susulat, parinig sa lahat ang aking iuulat, huwag ka nang mabahala ako ang bahala, kasangga natin si Bathala..."

'Hatak' by The Dawn

Here, we find Jett Pangan admitting to past mistakes. Wallowing in quagmire, he now hopes God would lend him a hand and pull him out of the pit of sin.

It goes, "Kung Ika'y aking nasaktan, ako sana'y patawarin, tao lang, tao lang kaibigan, ang langit ay hanap pa rin. May kaunting panahon Ka pa para ako ay sagipin, hatak lang ang kailangan ko, ayokong mahulog sa bangin..."


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