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Rock Dust Light Star by Jamiroquai

<p>The space cowboy is back!</p>
by Lou E. Albano | Dec 23, 2010
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British funk group Jamiroquai returns with their seventh studio album Rock Dust Light Star. And what a return this is! [firstpara] Front man Jay Kay and the rest of the group seem to be in top form as Rock Dust Light Star caters to a more traditional funk sound than anything that is currently being shopped around the airwaves.

In a time where obscure indie artists seem to be taking over, Rock Dust Light Star provides the accessibility needed for albums such as this to be appreciated.

It doesn’t sound exclusive but it doesn’t sound cheap.

The album is a far cry from 2005’s watered-down, underwhelming Dynamite.

Unlike today’s synth-heavy, dub-step and drum-and-bass-influenced dance music, Jamiroquai opts for a groovier route.

Each track contains that 70s disco vibe that’s perfect for either lounging around or getting your ass on that dance floor.

The combination of Jay Kay’s falsetto mixed in with the brass instruments makes the 12-track collection, with 6 bonus tracks, a definite party play list.

The title track “Rock Dust Light Star,” with its soothing lyrics and cold, cold feel, makes a good opening; it weans you into the funk explosion that follows. “Hey Floyd” is a standout amongst the rest for its island rhythm sound, perfect for the beach or when you take the lady out for a spin on your yacht.

Goodbye To My Dancer” and “Blue Skies” are love songs disguised in funky beats. Jamiroquai fans will definitely enjoy “White Knuckle Ride” and “All Good In The Hood” as both songs seem to keep the Jamiroquai identity intact and doesn’t stray far from the familiar sound we’ve all come to know and enjoy from them.

Rock Dust Light Star can be called a triumphant album for a number of reasons. First, though they’ve evolved, Jamiroquai retains enough of their swagger that they don’t alienate their former listeners. Second, and always a good thing, they did not forget variety! The 18-track collection plays smoothly, giving the listener a taste of everything funky. Third, the music will definitely get your head-bobbing, and hopefully get you of your ass and into those dancing shoes, and really at the end of the day that’s all that matters.

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