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Rock Outfit Wilabaliw Launches Debut Album

Goin' Wila-crazy

by Gelo Gonzales | Oct 14, 2010
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The clock struck 12 midnight, and it was finally October 10, 2010, 10-10-10. For any of you out there who care for astrology, that date’s quite significant because a month-date-year combination like that won’t be happening in another thousand years.
Wilabaliw chose to launch their self-titled debut album at The Collective in Makati on that date as well.

As such, Wilabaliw’s members—Ian Tayao on vocals, Francis Magat on bass, Robert dela Cruz on drums, and newcomer Louis Isok on guitars—unsurprisingly, were in a pretty terrific mood when we came up to them for an interview.

We were psyched too, prior to watching them play because we knew that Wilabaliw’s lineup is pretty potent: Ian Tayao comes from Queso, Francis Magat has played for Sound and Sinosikat? among others, and Robert dela Cruz also of Queso, as well as seminal metal act Skychurch.

As Wilabaliw, they continue to be hard-hitting and but here's the twist: they also showcased a kind of groove to their performance. It was a performance to behold.

Before they went on stage though, we pulled them to the side, and grabbed them for a quick interview, where we were re-affirmed that Ian’s tattoo though on his torso, which reads “Queso” will forever be a reason for old-time listeners to keep hanging on to his past musical works.

You say you’re not just a band, but you’re also a “brand” and that you have a thing for the “progressiveness of music.” What do you mean by those?
Isok: We are an industry that is circumscribed on music development and production development. Our medium to reach that industry is the medium of music. Regarding the progressiveness of music, it’s not really something dictated by the surrounding factors around you; rather it’s making music you believe in, you bleed for, and you breathe for.

Do you feel any angst towards the more mainstream side of the music industry, which tends to be on the safe side of musicality?
Isok: We have no angst towards the music industry. We don’t want to compete with any other musician because that’s foolish. We just want to do our own thing.
Robert: We just want to express the artistic side of our different personalities.
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