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The Theme Song For The New James Bond Movie, Spectre, Is Here

The new Bond movie comes out in October. Here's its theme song...
| Sep 28, 2015
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After only just announcing that, actually, having lied to us dozens of times already, he was doing the new Bond theme all along you guys—Sam Smith’s Bond theme song has arrived in full.

It’s called "Writing’s On The Wall," and well, the public reaction to the song has been mixed. It was never going to topple the greatest ever Bond theme (obviously "Goldfinger") but still, it’s not exactly setting the world on fire..

Listen to the song. Go on, listen. Read what our English bros over at FHM UK thought about it (because, you know, this franchise practically belongs to them). Then, tell us your honest opinion about it...

What FHM UK thought:

"Jesus, this is going to get murdered on The X Factor. Also: shouldn’t Bond themes be sexy and dangerous and a bit evil-sounding? Sam exudes all the raw sensuality of an old-people’s home in January" – Andrew Lowry, Writer

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"Sounds like Sam’s channelling his inner Michael Jackson a bit to me—you can almost hear Jacko’s icy ghost whisper in his ear as he tries desperately not to fall to his knees and break into the chorus of 'Earth Song' at the end of each verse: 'Think of the animals, Sam. Think of Bubbles…' He can’t half hit a soaring high note, though, that Sam Smith." – Matt Blake, Chief Writer

"My first thought was that it sounded like a song from a shit musical. Quite liked it by the end, to be honest." –Elizabeth Atkin, Web Editor

"I think Sam Smith is a good new Bond, but Idris Elba would be better." – Tom Morgan, Art Assistant

"The name’s bland. Very bland. It reeks of every Sam Smith song ever (except for the ones where he’s shuffling down to a Disclosure-hosted Warehouse Project), pumped directly from the inside of a thousand-strong Proms orchestra." – Ben Scott, Social Media Editor

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"Sounds like it’s about to break into Michael Jackson’s 'Earth Song' any minute now." - Mia Bleach, Sub Editor

"Picture the scene: Sam Smith has won The X Factor. Rita Ora is standing up, pumping her fist. Sit down Rita Ora. Sam Smith is sobbing. Warbling. Confetti rains down. An egg with eyebrows and a widow’s peak. This song sounds like the result of sticking Joe McElderry and a YouTube piano tutorial inside a Nutri-Bullet." – Nick Pope, Access Editor

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