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Self-titled by The Itchyworms

<p>And these worms really own</p>
| Oct 13, 2008
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While Itchyworms seems to have taken forever to release a follow up to their massively successful Noontime Show, Self-Titled is definitely worth the wait. This is an awesome demonstration of the band’s killer combo of tight musicianship and simple arrangement cradling a remarkable knowledge and understanding of Pinoy pop culture. Unlike its predecessor, Self-Titled is a completely conceptless record. But just like Noontime¸ the band uses the record to have a great time. It opens with the ear-worm of a song, “Penge naman ako N’yan” and immediately, the songs sounds and feels instantly familiar. While some songs may seem forced and indulgent (“Freak Out, Baby,” for one) we know it’s but a moot point. Itchyworms don’t give an eff—the band knows they served a great record, and by the record’s end, the listeners know that just as well. Instant favorites include: “”Gusto ko Lamang sa Buhay,” “Steady lang Tayo,” “Penge Naman Ako Nyan.” - Lou Albano

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