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She Wolf by Shakira

<p>If Shakira's a She Wolf, then we are forever her prey</p>
| Mar 25, 2010
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Thank God collaborations, especially in the music industry, exist. [firstpara] One beautiful genre of music jives in with another, and boom – a kick-ass mash-up of a song transpires. The same can be said with two different artists: one a Latina pop sensation and the other an electro-funk singing-songwriting trio.

In Shakira’s latest album She Wolf, the sexy vixen took on Pharell Williams and The Neptunes to make one of the most innovative sounds of the year.

Props to Shakira for changing with the times. She knows that the way to evolve her fan base is to evolve her music. Latina rhythms mixed up with electro pop have its wonders.

“She Wolf” opens the album to high remarks, although usual concerns over her songs show from the get-go. Shakira has a distinct singing voice, but the lyrics are hard to understand.

Blame it on her accent, or perhaps, the lyric itself, maybe even the listener. Other than the usual lyric disputes though, the entire album is entitled to the funkiest bunch of sounds she has ever done.

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