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Silence by Slapshock

<font size="1">Rap metal equals anger<br /></font>
| Aug 7, 2006
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EMI Philippines
Why, it’s Slapshock. Again. And they’re angry. Still angry. Thundering rhythm sections, Jamir’s singing/screaming, the usual issues of rap metal bands. Same old story? Not quite. In Silence, Slapshock manages to hint out a difference by going prog rock. “Direction,” “Back Home,” and has those familiar inserts of guitars done three octaves higher, progressions that will make Rush damn proud, sudden breaks that most prog bands do to after doing a death-defying display of technical knowledge and know-how. Could prog be Slapshock’s next pit stop? Sure, they seem serious about the technicalities anyway. In the meantime, they have not totally forgotten their rap metal roots—“Sleepless Blvd” and “Blisters” can attest to this.

1. Shed Your Skin; 2. Direction; 3. Sleepless Blvd; 4. Last Ride; 5. Walk Away; 6. Adios; 7. What We Are; 8. Back Home; 9. Blisters; 10. Waiting; 11. Divine; 12. Pagtila; 13. Stranded

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