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SinoSikat? by Sinosikat

The newest flavor of Pinoy music<br />
| Sep 11, 2007
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Sinosikat, one of FHM's indie picks from last year, has finally signed with the majors. But while the band didn't quite make it in full- one member left before the record could hit the stands - this is a promising debut record, critically and commercially. They call their music Pinoy Soul and, yes, it needs a little figuring out. So the best way to get what this whole Pinoy Soul thing is to listen to it. Sinosikat's self-titled debut has that cool soul vibe peppered with jazz ("Akin Ka"), catchy hip-hop beats ("Praning"), all lined with pop melodies. Kat's voice is in character and the instruments are equally mesmerizing. It's actually amazing how her voice and the instruments don't override each other. While the whole of the album can overwhelm your ears from time to time, you can take refuge in the smooth gems "Tragic Beauty," "So Blue," and lead single "Turning My Safety Off." - Lou E. Albano

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