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10 Must-Pause Moments In Sistar's "Touch My Body" Music Video!

One of K-Pop's sexiest girl squads has released a new music video. We screen-cap its sexiest moments! 
by Gelo Gonzales | Jul 24, 2014
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Korean Pop girl group, Sistar, has been on our radar for the past few years because of their general fondness for wearing short shorts and high heels...and dance moves that make our eyes open wide. 

Specifically, they captured our attention with this video:

Those are Sistar's Hyolyn and Bora practicing their song "Ma Boy."

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A little over three years later, they've produced yet another masterpiece in the art of toying with our desires. Gentlemen, we give you the generously not-so-subtle "Touch My Body":

To us, mere men, it's hypnotic...but also a tad too fast.

Like most K-pop music videos, the editing is frenetic. Too frenetic in fact that we had to pause the video a couple of times just to get a better look at the girls. Below are our ten best pause-worthy moments of the "Touch My Body" video (and the really great reasons why)!

1)   Because we can't resist when a K-Pop girl makes this face:

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2)   Because she has a smile you must see:

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