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You’ve Got To See This Pinoy Indie Band’s Lesbian Revenge Music Video

Here’s Soil & Green’s lust-filled, gore-tastic MV for their single, ‘Hello Sunrise’
by Mark Coles | Jul 12, 2016
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Last month, local indie band Soil & Green released the music video for their single “Hello Sunrise,” and since then it has been making quite a noise in social media because of its sexual content and graphic nature.

Accompanied by a slow yet rocking tempo, the music definitely fits the mood of the video. Even the writing is on point. Lines like “If I take you to the sunrise will you remind me? Will you tell me that you need me?” is such a tearjerker that the song is now on our hugot playlist.


The video is nonlinear and starts off with a shot of a woman all alone and crying on her bed. It then shifts to the past where it is shown that the same woman is in a healthy and loving relationship with her girlfriend.

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A couple of flashback vignettes show their blossoming relationship. But things turn zero to a hundred real quick when the couple are introduced to a guy at a rooftop drinking party.

Our crying lady (CL) becomes irritated at her girlfriend (GF) for seemingly becoming attracted to the new guy. GF denies CL's allegations of cheating, although moments later we are given a confirmation.

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Feeling vengeful, the once carefree and loving CL now seeks payback for the heartbreak. How? Well, we don’t want to spoil everything so go watch the music video for "Hello Sunshine" below!


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