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9 Songs That Allegedly Had Evil Messages When Backmasked

Remember backmasking? We take a nostalgic trip down music memory lane to listen to some of the biggest hits that suffered this sort of mudslinging!
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 15, 2014
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With Holy Week in full swing, many of us are putting our good boy shoes on, and clasping our hands together in prayer. 

But we're medyo bad boys around here, so instead of penitence and penance, we're taking the rebellious route to listen to the songs that our lolas and Tito Sotto once told us to never listen to: songs that when backmasked are said to reveal evil, evil messages!

Back when cassettes were still a thing, backmasking was when you played a song in reverse, in the process of trying to uncover a subliminal message, said to be from the devil himself. Below are some of the most famous, creepiest examples!

1) Queen - "Another One Bites The Dust"

The secret message: "It's fun to smoke marijuana."

Slightly random evil meter: 2/10

Marijuana's slowly gaining mainstream society's love with the legalization of the herb in several places. We won't condone it here, but we won't exactly call it evil. In Mercury, we trust.

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2) The Eagles - Hotel California

The secret message: "Yeah, Satan hears this, he had me believe in him."

Slightly random evil meter: 6/10

This Eagles' hit is a staple in our videoke sessions, so when we hear the singer tell us a random fact that the devil also listens to the great song, well, who are we to disagree?

3) Grim Reaper - "Final Scream"

The secret message: "See you in hell."

Slightly random evil meter: 9/10

Grim Reaper is a British heavy metal band that, by their name alone, tells you that they aren't about to sing about pretty little flowers and colorful Skittles. Secret messages like this are almost a given with this kind of band. Doesn't make the whole affair any less creepy though.

Perhaps if a similar hidden message was found in a Spice Girls song, then yes, it's time to be scared.

4) Deep Purple - "Stormbringer"

The secret message: "Cocksucker! Motherfucker! Stormbringer!"

Slightly random evil meter: 4/10

These guys brought us "Smoke On The Water," so when their hidden message is something that we regularly describe our friends with, well, it can't be too evil, can it?

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5) Slayer - "Hell Awaits"

The secret message: "Join us, join us, join us, join us, join us..."

Slightly random evil meter: 10/10

The foremost American thrash metal act has never been shy about their demonic references, but their subliminal call to action really creeped the eff out of us.

6) Beatles - "Revolution 9"

The secret message: "Turn me on, dead man."

Slightly random evil meter:

This needs a little bit of context. In the '60s, the "Paul Is Dead" conspiracy came about, which claimed that Paul McCartney had died in a car accident, and was secretly replaced with a double. The band then placed hints in their music to get fans to know the truth. This song was one example.

Considering that Paul is still well and alive, the conspiracy seems to be nothing more than the product of hardcore fans trying to dig up skeletons in a random piece of land.

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7) Led Zepellin - "Stairway To Heaven"

The secret message: "Oh here’s to my sweet Satan. The one whose little path would make me sad, whose power is Satan. He will give those with him 666. There was a little tool shed where he made us suffer, sad Satan."

Slightly random evil meter: 10/10

People hear what their mind wants to hear. So in our search for something creepy, we think we did hear some of the words that the video was telling us we would hear. It's definitely creepy, but that won't lessen our love for this masterpiece, in any case.

8) Rivermaya - "Awit Ng Kabataan"

The secret message: "Noo'y kami'y naniniwala, natatawa kaming dalawa...o, ama, walang tiwala, lahat na ay walang tiwala..."

Slightly random evil meter: 4/10

As one of the most famous bands in the '90s, it was easy for them to become a target for certain groups. "Awit Ng Kabataan" was an anthem for an entire generation of kids, and some may have been scared by the power of the song. Hence, a little paninira occured. The secret message doesn't make sense because there was no secret message in the first place.

9) Eraserheads - "Overdrive"

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The secret message: "P*ta mo, Hesus...P*ta mo Hesus..." as derived from "Gusto kong matutong mag-drive (kahit na walang kotse)...Gusto kong matutong mag-drive (kahit na wlang lisensya)..."

Slightly random evil meter: 10/10...for those who ever accused the band of putting blasphemy in their song.

Come on, it's such a fun song. This is just another example of Pinoys pulling down fellow Pinoys because they're famous! And in 1995, the band was at the height of their fame!


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