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V-Day Weeee Day: The Top 10 Songs That Filipinos Listen To During Sexy Time
Turn up the sexy in an instant with these no-fail #SexyTime tunes!
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 14, 2015
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This Valentine's there are two things that we hope you get a lot of: love (aww) and lovemaking (hell yeah!)

In spite of the #ExtraEffort involved, Valentine's still manages to be our favorite non-holiday. Never mind all that bitter-speak about being forever alone, what matters is that the ladies (at least a good number of 'em) are in a lovey-dovey mood. Our advice: dive in and take advantage!

To help you out, we've enlisted the help of the country's top music streaming service, Spotify, who lent us a super-secret list of the most potent sexy time songs. How did they do it? The music service did a scan on all local playlists that had the word "sex" in its title.

Of all those playlists that fit the said category (about 4,800 of whom were found) these songs below figured in frequently. Hey, all those people can't be wrong can they? Have a listen!

1)   "A Life So Changed" by James Horner

Why Filipinos dig it: The song is part of the official Titanic soundtrack, and you know how Filipinos are with that movie. Even just the first few notes of the song gets girls in a "paint me like one of your French girls" mode.

2)   "Kiss Me" by Cassie

Why Filipinos dig it: The first of many RnB songs in the list, our country has a natural tendency towards the genre's smooth grooves. The down-tempo beats and the sweet, sexy vocals from Puff Daddy's main squeeze set the perfect mood for sexy time.

3)   "Take You Down" - Chris Brown

Why Filipinos dig it: First of all, Filipinos are a forgiving lot so even if Mr. Brown here has beaten up Rihanna in the past, he's still a big hit. Especially to the bed-going crowd, and even if the suave "Take You Down" sometimes sounds like an allusion to something more abrasive.

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4)   "Tonight (Best You Ever Had)" by John Legend

Why Filipinos dig it: The "All Of Me" singer has a brand of RnB that offers more caress rather than straight-up takedowns. That's why his big 2012 hit still resonates to boyfriends everywhere who promise to be the best that their girlfriends have ever had.

5)   "Wet The Bed" by Chris Brown

Why Filipinos dig it: Sometimes Filipinos are too shy in the bedroom. But there are times when passion completely takes over and good behavior is thrown completely out of the window. For those situations, you can't get any more straightforward than "Wet The Bed."

6)   "Lollipop (Radio Edit)" - Li'l Wayne

Why Filipinos dig it: Now for all the times that you're feeling pseudo-poetic, Li'l Wayne's song has a super-smart, super-genius metaphor for your thang. #GetNaughty!

7)   "A Taste of Honey" - Alice Groves

Why Filipinos dig it: If boys have their lollipop metaphor, the girls have theirs too. In this case, Alice Grove's sentimental, melancholic number plays that part well. The song and its somber guitar plucking can ease the tension on anyone's shoulder, and get you to loosen up quick.

8)   "Nobody" by Keith Sweat feat. Athena Cage

Why Filipinos dig it: The last names of the artist evoke images of a good romp. The slow, soft-spoken interplay between boy and girl in the song ensures that you indeed experience a good romp.

9)   "Nice & Slow" by Usher

Why Filipinos dig it: Because it's Usher Raymond, baby. Anyone who can't get off to this song has serious intimacy issues. Yes, we're being judge-y!

10)   "I Was A Fool" by Tegan & Sara

Why Filipinos dig it: The 2013 hit from this Canadian duo obviously hit the right chords with Filipinos. We like playing the role of the love martyr, and we fell right into the hands of Tegan & Sara. Weren't we all fools for love at one point in our lives? Maybe that's the kind of memory that this song taps into.

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Got all that? Here's a pro-tip though before you go into that motel: make sure to get Spotify Premium (it's only P129 a month) so you can get rid of those Spotify ads that could potentially douse the flames just when things start to get interesting. Cough up the cash, bud!

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