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Stars by Lala

Pretty chick plus guitar equals good music<br />
| Nov 7, 2007
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This is a case of when the book is exactly as its cover suggests: safe and nice, and squeaky clean. That some of the songs have a hint of Alanis Morrisette-slash-Avril Lavigne angst in them does not at all deviate from this point. We suspect this is exactly what the record suits think Lala should be. And you know what? They could be right. This cute, bright—eyed girl with a streak of Indonesian blood fits the coming-of-age mold entirely, with her songs completing the package and a duet with local crooner Christian Bautista driving home the point. She’s Michelle Branch and KT Tunstall and every other young chick in the music business right now. Listen to “Unperfect” and you’d think you’ve heard this all before. While Stars isn’t exactly groundbreaking, you can’t deny it is actually nice. And we say “nice” in the safest way possible. - Lou E. Albano

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