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The 9 Types Of Personalities You Encounter At An OPM Gig

Find out which type you are
by Jean Macabodbod | Dec 2, 2017
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As an OPM fan, you’re always on the lookout for your favorite band’s next gig. So when one comes up and it’s a Saturday, how can you resist? That’s how it is every time. And when you’ve been to a number of gigs, you start to see more or less the same kind of people.

1) The Jumping Jocks

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They’re not necessarily jocks but they might as well be with the way they never seem to lose their stamina, jumping to each song. They’re the ones who turn out the most sweaty even with air-conditioning in the venue. It’s their heads you see bobbing up and down in the crowd.

2) The Super Fans

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Every after a performance, the hosts give a rundown of the next bands playing. As soon as their favorite band gets mentioned, they go wild. If not all, they know almost all the lyrics to the songs, shouting and cheering even when they've been to most of the band’s gigs. You’ll see them wearing band shirts or hear them yelling song suggestions.

3) The Campers

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They set up camp anywhere in the venue—at the back, in the middle of the crowd, close to the walls, anywhere. They're the ones you see fiddling with their phones while chilling on the floor.

4) The Fashionistas


They stand out with their black skull bags and fishnet stockings. These Fashionistas don't exactly follow trends and have a style of their own.

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5) The Bestfriends

“Matalino pag tayo’y tanga sa pag-ibig.” That’s how former Imago singer Aia De Leon referred to them during The Rest Is Noise Year-End gig. Aside from being your constants, they're also the ones who send you links to the next OPM gig.

6) The Unofficial Media

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A band starts and up their phones and cameras go as they record each moment. If you can't go or you're late to a gig, don't fret. When you follow them on their social media accounts, they'll keep you updated on who's currently performing and what has been happening.

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7) The Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Everyone knew it was Jason Fernandez’s birthday last November 25 when he was greeted by Cheats vocalist Jim Baccaro, as requested by his girlfriend. A gig is their idea of a good date and apparently, an opportunity for a little surprise.

8) The Frontliners


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They sure know how to keep their places. Whether they came in early to get a good view of the stage or weaved their way to the front somehow, they never leave even if it means not eating anything for dinner.

9) The Woke

These aren't just local music fans, these are people who are aware of what's going on around them. During The Rest is Noise Year End gig, a couple of bands such as Shirebound and Busking, CRWN, and B.P. Valenzuela talked about the recent scandal hounding the local music scene. Fans showed their stand as they cheered in defense of those victimized by harassment of some of the members of local bands.

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In the end, whether you’re one or two of these types of personalities, everyone loves music all the same. And if you’ve been to The Rest Is Noise Year End last November 25, you’ll know from how everyone clapped and cheered as they enjoyed acts from talented local artists.

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