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The Dirty Debutantes

<p>A mighty refreshing record!</p>
| Dec 17, 2009
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Last week on this spot, interviewed Us-2 Evil-0, Quark Henares' newest project. This week, we're finally giving you a taste of what they've been talking about that is their debut album Dirty Debutantes. [firstpara]

Playful beats, catchy melodies, and titles and lyrics that reference the most common of present life make Dirty Debutantes an awfully fun record. If you're looking for a record to play during Christmas parties or something happy to welcome the New Year with, this is it, friends. Dirty Debutantes will end your 2009 and start your 2010 on a very high note.

The first thing you’ll notice, of course is the packaging. We give them A for such campy vibe, dressing up as a basketball team, complete with scoreboards, a cheerleader (Mich Dulce), and a team of boys dressed in knee-high socks and headbands.

You then flip the record over and you start reading the song titles. My, my, such catchy, funny titles they have! They're actually quite intelligent too, referencing a few things that litter our daily lives.

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Two of our favorite song titles: “Superpoke is Nothing Compared to Love,” referencing the Facebook app and "Mikey is the new Mong,” referencing two popular musicians in the local band scene, Mikey Amistoso of Ciudad and Mong Alcaraz of Chicosci.

Then comes the music. It starts rather loosely, with more hype than anything. But they quickly get their act together on the third song, which is also their lead single “This Mighty Heart Attack.” A cute melody, some joyful clapping, and a bed of good music; if you aren’t charmed with the song, you must be a sad, sad man.

Mixtape” follows the same cute curve line of “Heart Attack.” It’s easy and playful, with carefully placed breaks that somehow work. The lyrics provide the biggest hook, with references that are all too familiar.

If you are familiar with the local band scene, you'll laugh your ass off with “Mikey is the New Mong.” Immediately, those keyboard lines clue you in that something naughty is about to happen. And happen it does!

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