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The Distinktive Groove of Pasta Groove by Pasta Groove

<p>"Al dente"</p>
| Mar 12, 2009
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Finally, urban music that is distinctly, unmistakably Filipino. Gentlemen, meet Pasta Groove, a dude who mixes and mashes new beats, old samples, into one cohesive whole. In his debut record, he dishes up 15 tunes that are fresh to the ear, compelling to the head, and with a groove that is most inviting. With an impressive line up of collaborators from the Pinoy Soul Movement, Pinoy hip hop pioneers, and eclectic Terno folks, Pasta Groove’s music can easily be considered soul more than anything else. We, however, find it difficult to resist calling Pasta Groove Flip-hop. Finally, here is local urban music that doesn’t copy from that’s on in the Western shores, urban music that doesn’t alienate the brown skinned, urban music that speaks directly to you and I. Critics may say he’s a bit too upscale, hence a bit alienating. But we say witness Exhibit A, Up Dharma Down. They started way up the upscale but their music now cuts across all markets. So there. Easy favorites include “What Color is Love,” “Buhay Dalaga,” and “Untitled.” Excellent, excellent record. –Lou E. Albano

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