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The Drums – Summertime

<p>The hot summer months can't come here soon enough</p>
| Jan 7, 2010
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There might be a million ways to describe The Drums’ debut EP, Summertime! but to be honest, all the poetic praises about this NYC band’s eclectic, energetic music will eventually boil down to this: their sound is made of pure fun. [firstpara]
The 6-song EP (seven, if you include the bonus remix track) kicks off with the Saddest Summer. The song’s title sounds emo, but it is most definitely the opposite of that.

It’s fresh and lively, and successfully sets off the ‘80’s pop vibe of the band. Let’s Go Surfing continues the joy parade, and from the title alone, quickly establishes the band’s ‘50s-style “surf rock” tones.

The third track, Make You Mine slows the beat down, but that doesn’t mean it is any less lively; the rhythmic, overly used tactic that is clapping along with the easy-breezy whistling in the middle of the track ensure that the song will be stuck in your head. Don’t worry, it's the kind of LSS that you wouldn't mind having.

Don’t be a Jerk, Jonny sees the boys going into full new-wave mode from the song’s lyrical structure to the quirky snap-finger metronome pervading all throughout the song.

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“Don’t be a jerk, Jonny, don’t be so cruel to me…” a girl sings in the chorus, making the song even more infectious. Submarine is equally infectious, with a guitar riff and singing style that reminds us of The Cure.

Rounding up this brilliant EP is Down by the Water, which sees the band go a little more mellow, with this endearing, heartfelt love song, singing “if you fall asleep, down by the water, baby I’ll carry you, all the way home.” Really, we can’t wait ‘til The Drums releases a full-length album.


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