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The Infatuation Is Always There by Typecast

<font size="2">A sophomore offering from the punk rock band.<br /></font>
| Jun 1, 2006
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Heavy stuff here, complete with glam-rock guitar lick inserts and soft melodic breaks. On the subject of Steve Badiola’s voice: Screaming stuff like, “Tell me where it hurts” or “but now it’s killing me/I really hate myself” in the signature whiny emo voice, which Steve has mastered, can get pretty distracting. Which isn’t to say Infatuation sucks. It’s actually very decent—and, with a little bit of humor, quite entertaining. The title track and “Wait” should be early faves.

Track list
1. Another Minute Until Ten; 2. Breathe Through The Glass; 3. Escape The Hurt; 4. Assertion; 5. Clutching; 6. The Infatuation Is Always There; 7. Out Comes The Brave; 8. Last Time; 9. 21 and Counting; 10. Wait; 11. Scars of A Failing Heart; 12. Guiltkill

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